Greedy T-Shirt
Greedy T-Shirt
Greedy T-Shirt

Greedy T-Shirt

Greedy T-Shirt

  • Unisex Regular Fit
  • Crew Neck
  • Mid Weight
  • 180 GSM
  • 100% Combed Cotton
  • Hand Screen Printed
  • Est. Delivery July 2024

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Wildly Different

Gluten Free

Mead is naturally gluten free, we don't do anything special to make it that way, it just is.

Low Sugar

There is only one teaspoon of honey per can. That’s less than 6 grams of sugar per serve.


We use 94% less energy than beer producers, and pollinate native bushland and food crops.

99 Calories

Enjoy the full-flavoured experience without the calorie overload. Only 99 calories per serve.


I thought it was going to taste like beer but it tastes nothing like beer. I also expected it to be really sweet, but it's not which I am a fan of! I could confidently drink a slab of this!

Tilly Eder
Glebe, NSW

What is this elixir of the gods we have here!? Initially I thought you would drink this at a great feast in the halls of Valhalla but clearly not, I could smash this down at the pub quite easy!

Ben Binskin
Denistone, NSW

I like the bear cause it’s low in calories and sugar, it’s refreshing without a strong aftertaste, it’s gluten free so no bloating and it’s very quaffable. Great with Asian food, like salmon and chilli and sushi. On my regular list now.

Pam Scott
Mosman, NSW

You'd think being made from honey this would be overly sweet, but it's not at all. Light, refreshing with a mild honey after taste, it's delicious on ice and perfect for a hot, summer's day.

Monty King
Newcastle, NSW

It's got more flavour than the hard seltzers but it isn't necessarily as strong or sweet as most ciders. I think it sits really well in between those!

Alex Grant
Alexandria, NSW

Save The Bees
Drink Mead

Every order helps fund research to protect Aussie bees